Hi! I'm Robert and I'm an ecologist

and I study where animals live and their importance in Canadian forests.

Affiliation & Education

Assistant Professor
Western University
London, ON, Canada
Curriculum vitae

  • Ph.D. Yale School of the Environment* 2019
  • M.E.Sc. Yale School of the Environment* 2014
  • H.B.Sc. Lakehead University 2012
  • * then School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Research Summary

My research focuses on understanding the cycling of carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems. My current research includes (1) measuring and modelling the response of forest soils to non-native earthworms, (2) modelling the habitat requirements of species at risk in Atlantic Canada, and (3) developing new analytical tools for collecting field data on animal nutrient limitation. My goal is to develop ecosystem models that include more detail on the ecology of living organisms.